Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The BevBuckle | Beer Belt and Drink Holder Belt Buckle

Featured on Shark Tank, The BevBuckle is a Beer Belt Buckle That keeps your Hands Free and a Drink within Reach, Ba Bam!

Bev Buckle | Beer Belt Buckle
The BevBuckle is a beer belt buckle that was featured on the 4th season of Shark Tank. It's a belt buckle that flips open to hold your beer. Not a big beer drinker?

Your new BevBuckle can hold more than just a beer, it can hold just about any drink, whether it be a glass, cup, can or even a wine glass, as they show in their fan photos page.

I don't know about you guys, but I think this is a really cool product. I'm actually surprised that no one has came up with a beer belt buckle until now.

When BevBuckle inventor, Jay Kriner came out to pitch his beer belt buckle his presentation was great and they all thought it was an awesome product. All the sharks seemed to want to nibble at Jay's bait but he was finding it hard to reel one in. He was shot down by president and CEO of FUBU, Daymond John, the one he probably wanted to pick up the most.

The BevBuckle can be made with any face plate you want, Kriner adds, any brand or licensed image can be applied to the face plate as well, opening up many more venues of profit.

This would be great for any sporting goods outlets, concert halls or sporting events. It could easily be added to the list of products sold at any baseball, basketball or football stadium. Then you have WWE, monster truck rallies and other popular "guy" events where someone could use a beer belt buckle.

Everything ended up going his way however, Jay ultimately ended up making a deal with Barbara Corcoran. Although, Jay gave up controlling stake in his company, getting $50,000 for 51%, we see the BevBuckle really going places from this point forward.


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