Friday, October 5, 2012

Bees Produce Blue and Green M&Ms Colored Honey in France

The Bees of Apiaries in Northeastern France are Producing M&Ms Colored Honey, Including Shades of Blue and Green.

Blue & Green M&Ms Honey
The beekeepers of Ribeauville, France now have what they call unsaleable honey, that has been coming out in shades of blue and green, the cause is the waste produce by a nearby plant that produces M&M's for the Mars corporation.

France, who is one of Europe's leading producer of honey has been dealing with high mortality rates in their bee colonies now has to deal with the M&M colored honey.

The beekeepers think of this as a problem, I think it could be spun into a great marketing opportunity. I mean who else makes honey in shades of blue and green? The worse that could happen is they don't sell, but honey is the only the only food product in the world that never spoils, so it's not that big of a problem.

I think that children everywhere would go mad over this new product. It's perfect, multiple shades of honey, combined with a great marketing plan that could include TV ads on children's television, social media and flashy branding of the product and BAM! there you have it, children everywhere having their moms and dads buying blue and green honey.

Think about it France!!!!!


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