Friday, October 5, 2012

Bees Produce Blue and Green M&Ms Colored Honey in France

The Bees of Apiaries in Northeastern France are Producing M&Ms Colored Honey, Including Shades of Blue and Green.

Blue & Green M&Ms Honey
The beekeepers of Ribeauville, France now have what they call unsaleable honey, that has been coming out in shades of blue and green, the cause is the waste produce by a nearby plant that produces M&M's for the Mars corporation.

France, who is one of Europe's leading producer of honey has been dealing with high mortality rates in their bee colonies now has to deal with the M&M colored honey.

The beekeepers think of this as a problem, I think it could be spun into a great marketing opportunity. I mean who else makes honey in shades of blue and green? The worse that could happen is they don't sell, but honey is the only the only food product in the world that never spoils, so it's not that big of a problem.

I think that children everywhere would go mad over this new product. It's perfect, multiple shades of honey, combined with a great marketing plan that could include TV ads on children's television, social media and flashy branding of the product and BAM! there you have it, children everywhere having their moms and dads buying blue and green honey.

Think about it France!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picture of Mitt Romney with Wide-Eyed Manager and Workers

Mitt Romney Pictured with Wide-Eyed Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant Manager and Employees.

Restaurant employees and their wide-eyed manager at a Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant in Denver were surprised to get a visit from Mitt Romney, Tuesday Oct. 2nd, 2012.

Mitt Romney with Wide Eyed Chipotle Restaurant Worker
(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) 

The employee, who also happens to be a manager at the Denver Chipotle said, "It's a facial expression I do when I'm excited". He said he made the same face when he meet Nicki Minaj.

If this dude is as funny as his fun wide-eyed facial expression and has the ability to make this picture interesting enough to make it's rounds on the Internet (not that Romney had anything to do with it), it's time for him to get an agent, get a transfer to one of the West Hollywood Chipotle Restaurants and relocate to California.

The BevBuckle | Beer Belt and Drink Holder Belt Buckle

Featured on Shark Tank, The BevBuckle is a Beer Belt Buckle That keeps your Hands Free and a Drink within Reach, Ba Bam!

Bev Buckle | Beer Belt Buckle
The BevBuckle is a beer belt buckle that was featured on the 4th season of Shark Tank. It's a belt buckle that flips open to hold your beer. Not a big beer drinker?

Your new BevBuckle can hold more than just a beer, it can hold just about any drink, whether it be a glass, cup, can or even a wine glass, as they show in their fan photos page.

I don't know about you guys, but I think this is a really cool product. I'm actually surprised that no one has came up with a beer belt buckle until now.

When BevBuckle inventor, Jay Kriner came out to pitch his beer belt buckle his presentation was great and they all thought it was an awesome product. All the sharks seemed to want to nibble at Jay's bait but he was finding it hard to reel one in. He was shot down by president and CEO of FUBU, Daymond John, the one he probably wanted to pick up the most.

The BevBuckle can be made with any face plate you want, Kriner adds, any brand or licensed image can be applied to the face plate as well, opening up many more venues of profit.

This would be great for any sporting goods outlets, concert halls or sporting events. It could easily be added to the list of products sold at any baseball, basketball or football stadium. Then you have WWE, monster truck rallies and other popular "guy" events where someone could use a beer belt buckle.

Everything ended up going his way however, Jay ultimately ended up making a deal with Barbara Corcoran. Although, Jay gave up controlling stake in his company, getting $50,000 for 51%, we see the BevBuckle really going places from this point forward.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strange New Pizza Hut Cone Crust Pizza (Picture)

Pizza Hut has a Strange New Pizza Crust in the Shape of Cones stuffed with your choice of Chicken and Honey Mustard or Cream Cheese. (Picture)

Pizza Hut has added a strange item to it's menu, Cone Crust Pizza. These little bite sized cones surround the pizza making up the outer edge of the crust. You can now order your pizza with Cone Crust stuffed with your choice of Chicken and Honey Mustard or Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Good luck finding a Pizza Hut location near you that will deliver a Cone Crust Pizza, the new strange looking, malformed, culinary curiosity. It seems that these are only available to patrons of Pizza Hut Restaurants in the Middle East.

Pizza Hut Cone Crust Pizza
(Click to Enlarge)

Time can only tell if us westerners will be able to order and enjoy a Pizza Hut Cone Crust Pizza. As strange as this is I'm sure there are plenty of you out there hoping to try this one.

Presidential Snacks | Snack Foods the Presidents Liked to Eat

Many Presidents have had Favorite Snacks they ate while in office. Here are the Snack Foods Eaten & Enjoyed by some of our Famous Presidents.

Almost everyone likes a snack food or two, Presidents are no exception. After all, take away their title and otherwise powerful stature and you're left with nothing more than a red blooded human being, how could they not have some favorite snack foods.

It's a natural curiosity for us to want to know some of the habits and favorite things the leaders of our country have enjoyed, especially while they are actually in office. 

Below is a list of some of the snack foods our Presidents have enjoyed over the years. Some you will find are really rather healthy snacks, though very few actually are - - Bill we're looking at you. While this isn't a complete list of all snack foods enjoyed by some of our Presidents, we think you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

Bill Clinton's Favorite Snack Food

Since we've already picked on him once I guess we can just go ahead and get Bill Clinton out of the way. Some of us might remember President Clinton's famous jogs taken around Washington from time to time. 

You know, the ones where D.C.'s political paparazzi would follow him and the Secret Service around, snapping pictures while he traversed the streets surrounding the White House.

Well, jogging wasn't the only thing Clinton would do while enjoying those morning runs.

The Presidents famous jogs would sometimes include a trip to the local McDonald's as well. While we're not sure whether or not Mr. Clinton was able to get his favorite McDonald's snack, seeing as how they would usually take place in the morning. Although, you never know, after all he was the President. 

But one of President Bill Clinton's favorite snack foods was made of, none other than; two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun, also known as, The Big Mac. In more recent years Bill Clinton opts for healthier snacks and now mostly enjoys unsalted almonds.

Harry S. Truman's Favorite Snack

Angel Food Cake

Dwight D. Eisenhower's Favorite Snack

Liked his wife's Homemade Fudge

Ronald Reagan's Favorite Snack Food

Ronald Reagan, who started his professional life as a broadcaster in Iowa, later moved to Hollywood where he started his career as an actor, first in film and then moving on to television, got his first taste of politics when he gave a speech in support for Barry Goldwater as he sought the presidency in 1964.

Reagan was later persuaded to run for governor of California and won in 1967 and then again in 1970.

It was during this time that Reagan began to enjoy what would become one of his favorite snacks. Ronald Reagan began eating jelly beans in order to give up his long time pipe smoking habit.

Ronald Reagan's favorite jelly bean were licorice flavored made by the Herman Goelitz Candy Company. In 1976 the Herman Goelitz Candy Company began producing Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and Reagan quickly became one of their biggest fans.

When Reagan won the presidency in 1981, the Herman Goelitz Candy Company developed their blueberry flavored jelly beans in order for there to be red, white and blue jelly beans at his inauguration celebrations.

The Herman Goelitz Candy Company shipped an estimated three and a half tons of Jelly Belly jelly beans for these events.

Gerald Ford's Favorite Snack

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

George Washington's Favorite Snack


Thomas Jefferson's Favorite Snack

Vanilla Ice Cream

John F. Kennedy' Favorite Snack

Ice Cream w/ Hot Fudge

Jimmy Carter's Favorite Snack

Jimmy Carter was born on October 1st 1924, in Plains, Georgia at Wise Sanitarium now known as Lillian G. Carter Nursing Center. He was the first President to have been born in a hospital. President Carter was born to James Earl Carter and Bessie Lillian Gordy, his father was a successful business owner and his mother was a registered nurse. It was his Carter's family business that reveals the President's favorite snack food.

James Earl Carter opened a store on Main Street in Plains, Georgia but was also a farmer.

When Carter's father died in 1953, Carter had an overwhelming responsibility to run his family's business. So, as a result of being raised on the farm and having extensive knowledge in science and technology, Carter and his wife Rosalynn took over the family farm. Jimmy studied agriculture, while Rosalynn learn what it would take to financially run the business. Just barely breaking even after their first year, the Carter's went on to own and operate a successful peanut farm.

So, it's no surprise being raised on that peanut farm in Plains, Georgia, Carter's favorite snack is the peach.... just kidding, President Jimmy Carter's favorite snack food is peanuts.

Franklin Roosevelt's Favorite Snack

Franklin Roosevelt also enjoyed Peanuts as well as Fruitcake.

Richard Nixon's Favorite Snack

Macadamia Nuts and Cottage Cheese with Ketchup but not together.... or at least we hope.

William Howard Taft's Favorite Snack


George H.W. Bush's Favorite Snack

Pork Rinds

George W. Bush's Favorite Snack


Barack Obama's Favorite Snack

Chocolate Caramels

There you have it, a list of snack foods the Presidents ate. You now know what some of the President's enjoyed while in office and you have a little piece trivia you can share with your friends.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is Eastwooding? [Update] Defining a MEME

It Looks Like the Results are in. The Social Networks and Pop Culture Site Have Spoken, Eastwooding can now be defined.

This article is a follow up to our earlier, Eastwooding post. It seems like Eastwooding ran it's course and hit it's peek within the social realms of the Internet. It shall remain however, as a pop culture phenomenon. We questioned how this would shape pop culture and it seems as though now that question can be answered and Eastwooding can now be defined.

After researching and reading some of the tweets and viewing the media on Twitter, the definition should probably read like this.

Eastwooding /─ôst-woodiNG/ 
Clint Eastwood Eastwooding
The act of talking/arguing or carrying on a conversation with an imaginary person or thing supposedly seated in an empty chair.

So, that's it when someone ask you What is Eastwooding you will now know the definition and how best to describe it to them. As time goes on this definition may change a bit and take on other forms, as some other words in the English language have. But this is the original meaning of the word and the basis of all other variations of the word.

To have a look at what we thought the word might become, you can refer to our original article that can be found here What is Eastwooding?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Presidential Hot Sauce Flavors | Romney & Obama Race for President Heats Up.... Literally!

Dave's Gourmet wants to know if your Pick for President is Romney or Obama with it's Presidential Hot Sauce.

Dave's Gourmet, the company that has brought you Insanity Popcorn, which they say "may be the hottest popcorn on the planet" and Hurtin' Habanero Sauce wants your opinion on who will win the 2012 election. Dave's Gourmet wants you to try their Presidential Hot Sauce flavors and choose Romney or Obama as your candidate of choice.

They have created two hot sauce flavors dedicated to each of the candidates, Romney's Adjustable Opinion Hot Sauce and Obama's Adjustable Origins Hot Sauce.

Presidential Hot Sauce Romney & Obama
Presidential Hot Sauce
Each bottle of sauce features an adjustable pump spray top that allows you to adjust the heat of the sauce before you try it. The bottles also include some political humor that refers to candidates Romney and Obama.

These Presidential Hot Sauce's are each based on Dave’s Adjustable Heat Hot Sauce, that has been featured on The Today Show and in Time Magazine. It was also winner of Best New Product and Best Packaging at Chile Pepper Magazine's Fiery Food Challenge.

The pump spray top lets you choose funny settings like, Absomaybe, being the hottest setting and Yesno as the mildest, with some flip-flop in between, on the Romney Sauce and settings like Hawaii being the hottest and Area 51 being the mildest, with some questionable areas of origin in between.

You don't have to actually by the sauce to vote on the candidate you like best, but these would be really cool to have. If you decide to buy them or just want to vote you can visit Presidential Hot Sauce. You can choose to buy one or the other or both and also vote all on the same page. Now, if only our government made things this simple.

Find Dave's Hot Sauces, Snacks and other gourmet snacks and specialty foods here Gourmet Snacks

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